Monday, March 23, 2009


As the time slowly passes by,
I wonder why I have these feelings for you.
I think about all the things that have happened,
Things I have done and things people said I did that weren't true.

It's different with you,
How you make my world shine,
How you make me feel everything's gonna be just fine.
Weather it's true or not,
I wanna believe everything will be just right,
But of course,
Anything worth wanting, always comes with a fight.

The things we want in life,
Weather it be people or things,
Always seem to come attatched to a string,
But not you though,
I can't seem to find anything wrong with you.
I love how things come with ease,
With you it's so content,
Like a cool, summer breeze .

No doubt you got your own style,
a lil' wild, yet mild.
Looking up at the stars,
I wonder if you see them too.
Wonder if we stare at the same sky,
dark, yet so beautifully blue.

1 comment:

  1. i like it.
    i like it alot.
    Very, optimistic, for one thing.
    But has a really nice theme, and cute little rhymes.
    Yeah, definitely, getting better and better each time lady.
    Keep it up