Monday, March 23, 2009

The Purport...

Everything in this world must have a partner to procreate, and proceed.
The Air is the oxygen in which we are able to breath.
Food is nutrition for our bodies to maintain.

Love is like Air,
We never really know how it will affect us until we have it in our veins.
We never know what we have in our presence until we have taken it in vain,
It is absent, and we long to have them in our world again.
The feeling of having love in our lives, helps us to maintain.

How are we supposed to feel when in love?
Is it really just a full blown trust between each other,
like a jumper and it’s parachute.
Trusting everything you have for it to be there when you really need it?
Or like fruits and vegetables that must be grown ripe over time to be considered right??

That is one of the most wanted answers in the world today.

Does the definition of the word, LOVE, even mean anything at all?
Does it even exist?
Are we born with this feeling or is it shown to us while we age?
Who really has the answers to these questions, anyways?

Do we really have the ability to cherish these answers if they were handed to us?

In the dictionary, the word 'LOVE' means many different things but I believe only we can determine what it really means to us, and if we did find it, we would know.

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