Friday, March 20, 2009


The Clouds above are so high in the sky.
Fluffy and tender, I wish I was a bird,
Whom could jump up and fly.

To see the view so many tend to see,
At that hieght would be such a delight.
When told I want to be a bird,
I'm often looked as delirious.

Why must I be insane to think I could erase all the pain,
and wish all the sorrow away?

Questions arise on how I get by, struggling day in, day out,
I turn my eyes to the sky.

Clouds I see.
Peace, Freedom... I feel Tranquility,
For a second, I feel I have stability, yet I don't.

Color so beautiful, it's hard to duplicate.
Feels swarm in my body, I feel as if I'm about to suffocate.

Clouds so soft, hardly there.
Like love, we know it's there, just miss the stares.
Our daily troubles, lack of focus on the beauty around us
leads us to miss the beauty of this creation, so unique.

Love like clouds are never alike.
Each one to it's own uniqueness.
Love like the sun, make you shine so bright.
Reflects the love within.

Bloom like a flower, or taste lemon, so sour.
Either way, the pot of gold at the end of Rainbow
make it all worth the price of the show.


  1. I like it. Read it a second time, I think I misinterpreted it the first time I read it.
    Im always spellbound when I have my daughter.

    But its encouraging, and slightly depressing, whichis why I texted you once I read it.
    But its a well rounded poem lady, with alittle up and down to it.

    Like I said, theyre getting better.

    I have a surprise for you

  2. I can see how ur writing has improved. YOu are beginning to lose the starch that new writers have, I remember that stage in my writing. You are very good at what you feel Stel, now...

    just relax and let go, the rest will follow.