Monday, February 9, 2009

Heart broken we can sometimes be,
left alone for us to see how the world evolves around us while we blink
and breath the polluted air that we have caused,
by simply being to busy and never take a time to pause to see the things we
have right in front of us,
simply throwing a fuss over something that has no cause; Given all you have in your heart to become as one, for someone to stroll in your life and ruin what was build for just one night of fun, All the while knowing in your gut, something is wrong.

This has happen before, yet you wish for no more, wanting things to change, yet things are still the same so once again you rearrange your life to the opposite of negative,
still there's confusion regarding to something not relative to the objects in your life things you want, arise, others, fall and in order to get, you must release something in return,
but it seems it's never really worth what was bestowed.
Through all this, great friendships are lost, memories forgotten, lessons are learned, and relationships are forever burned.

The vicious cycle that we tend to repeat, trying so hard to defeat
yet have failed and fallen to our knees rather than be stood up on our feet.

Lies, and betrayal slide from our tongue to the world, hoping we can get some kind of swirl on after seeing all the temptation that has gotten us all turned on.

The Tree

The Tree Aug. 01, 2008

I love you and that will never cease.
Think of me 'til the last day you breath.
We can never see how our love will come to be,
but love was there, and A TRUE love to me.
Us like leaves, let our love grow on branches,
'til we no longer could hold on to the tree.
Our hearts fed like soil. Wind blew our dreams away.
We Fell like leaves in the Fall but Despite no leaves left,
the roots are still alive and the Tree is here to stay.